pricing & policies


Custom Calligraphy

Custom calligraphy pricing is determined on a case by case basis. The minimum charge for custom calligraphy is $30, and estimates are based on hourly rate and artistic complexity.

Wedding Invitations

Outer Envelope (Up to four lines) $1.50 per envelope.
Inner Envelope (Names only) $.50 per envelope.
Response Envelope (Up to four lines) $1.50 per envelope.
Place Cards (per person) $.50
Table Numbers, Seating Directions, etc. – Ask for quote.
Opaque paper, unusual sizes, special ink color, or special alignment extra.


  • 50% payment is required when the name list and envelopes are dropped off, and remainder at pickup.
  • Extra envelopes will be required at drop-off.
  • The names and addresses for the envelopes must be provided exactly as they are to be written. Bring etiquette questions to the calligrapher.
  • Names should be typed.
  • Errors made by the client will be corrected at the cost to the client. Errors include spelling mistakes, errors due to illegible words, errors in the address, etc.